On certain old china there is a painting in blue which is known as the willow pattern.  The willow-pattern plate was perhaps the most famous china in the world.   Originally, it really came from China and this is the story of the Blue Willow.

A beautiful Chinese girl, Koong-Shee, fell in love with her father's secretary, Chang, who was a poor man.  Koong-Shee's father  wanted her to marry a rich man.  But Koong-Shee would not give up Chang.  

Koong-Shee's father sent her away to a little house at the end of the garden.  Outside Koong-Shee's window was a willow tree, and just beyond, a fruit tree, and Koong-Shee sat all day watching it bloom.  She was very lonely and unhappy, until one day Chang wrote and asked her to fly with him.

Chang dared not mail the letter as it may have fallen into the hands of Koong-Shee's father.  He found a coconut shell and put the letter inside and sent it sailing in the lake.  He watched it sail across the lake to where Koong-Shee sat watching.  Koong-Shee read the letter and sent back her answer.

She said she would go if her lover were brave enough to come and fetch her.  Chang went boldly up to the little house and took her away.  They had to cross the bridge to get out of the garden and as they were half-way across Koong-Shee's father saw them, and hurried after them.  Koong-Shee went first with Chang following her.   He was carrying her jewel-box, and behind them ran her father with a whip.  Her father did not catch them, and they escaped to a little house on the other side of the lake, where they lived happily.  


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